Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home town Love!

Wow it has been quite a while. Life has been INSANE! Looking for a new apartment,working like crazy and tons of other fun stuff going on over here. But thanks be to God I got home to Michigan this week! It was some what of a busy trip but there was time for fun and relaxation, family time and time with friends.

The top two priorites on this trip home were my friend Julia's wedding and dress fittings and such for my Best Friends wedding next July!

my bff the bride and our other best friend Ash

She found the most beautiful dress, of course I can give only this tiny little sneak peak with her and her vail on. She is going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride! I cant wait til the day arrives.
Dress shopping with two of us bridesmaids
We also took some time to go shopping for our bridesmaids dresses. Only two of us could go so we boiled it down to these two dresses for the rest of the girls. So all the girls will choose either one of these dresses. Of course this is not the actual colors but what do ya think?

 We also got some great hang out time in while I was home.

We had a great dinner out to catch up and just hang

Ash and I at dinner

Jackie and I at dinner
We had a blast just chatting,laughing and catching up. These girls and I have been friends for such a long time and it is always sooo good to just hang out with them and share time!

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